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What is a list-swap?

A common practice for email list building is commonly referred to as a “list-swap”. The following excerpt from PowerThru Consulting explains this process in more detail:

One of the best ways to grow your non-profit or political campaign’s email list is by viral actions. But since not every action can go viral (although here’s some tips to help make your online advocacy more effective), it’s tempting to speed up the process a bit by doing some form of trades with other groups. Note when we use the term “list swap”, we don’t mean handing over your email list to somebody else and vice versa. This is not only unethical, but likely to lead to spam problems and hurt deliverability to the people who want to be on your list. We’re talking about the idea of “list chaperoning”, where you send a message to your list, and your partner sends a message to their list, and you direct folks to affirmatively sign up for the other group’s list via an action or petition etc.

You’re doing a list swap — what could go wrong?

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